There are many cases in which parents are seeking to better understand their child’s strengths and challenges but formal testing may not be necessary. Parents may have had testing recommended by a provider or other parents but not necessarily know what they are looking for. In some cases, kids may have had prior evaluations with results that are difficult for parents to understand, or parents are unsure of what steps to take and how to plan and coordinate treatment or how to operationalize information they may have received. In these cases it may be most appropriate to meet for a formal consultation prior to pursuing comprehensive testing.

The Child/Adolescent consultation can include:

  • Individual meetings with the child and the parents to discuss the presenting questions and concerns and review academic, social, and other functional strengths and challenges.
  • A review of all prior evaluation reports, other relevant clinical records, and school work samples.
  • Conversations with teachers and other involved clinicians as necessary or appropriate.
  • A report outlining initial goals and recommendations.
  • Follow-up meetings with parents and child presented in an age appropriate manner to help them organize, understand, and make the best use of this information and begin to set a plan in motion.
  • Dr. Morton always remains available for further follow-up to review progress and refine intervention plans.

This option allows families to get the support and guidance they need in situations when formal testing may not be necessary. If additional testing turns out to be necessary, parents will be able to explore this option in a more informed manner.